Frank Guerra and the Syngeta Corn Litigation

In a recent court decision Judge Thomas M. Sipkins appointed Frank Guerra to be the one of the lead counsel in the Re: Syngenta Litigation case. Mr Guerra will also act as a member of the Plaintiff’s Executive Committee. Guerra and his team has of recently executed a formal Joint Agreement with the MDL team. Guerra was put into this leadership position that involves Syngenta’s gentically enhanced corn and how it has effective the overall cost of corn in America. Mr. Guerra’s company named Watts Guerra LLP, represents a number of claims that have come up against Syngenta. More specifically this company represents more than 90% of this claims being made.

Attorney Mikal Watts began as a briefing attorney for the Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Texas. He then went onto become a partner at David L. Perry & Associates located in Corpus Cristi, Texas. About five years after being named partner, Mr. Watts would go onto creating his very own firm. The Watts & Heard, L.L.P. was established in 2001 and has since then expanded it to over 20 lawyers. In 2009, Mikal Watt and Frank Guerra joined forces to create the Watts Guerra firm. This firm handles cases ranging from personal injuries to commercial litigation.

During the proceedings, Mr. Guerra went onto to explain how it important it was to him to help the farmers of America. Mr. Guerra stated that he was raised working on his family’s farm and understood the importance of farmers for this country. Watts Guerra LLP is focused upon ensuring that justice is brought against Syngenta. The Watts Guerra team has more than 40 years experience between the two and has led many national litigation. Mike Watts led his team against federal Pradaxa injury, that result in over 650 million dollars awarded to all parties.