Graham Edwards is the Man Behind Telereal Trillium

Graham Edwards Telereal is the founder and CEO of Telereal Trillium Ltd. He founded the company in 1997. Telereal Trillium Ltd. maintains its headquarters in London, England.

The company manages a large portfolio of properties that it manages. Telereal Trillium Ltd. was formed to take over the portfolio of properties, held at that time, by the Department for Work and Pensions. The portfolio consisted of 16 million square feet of real estate.


Acquired Properties of Edward’s Tereal Company

CEO Graham Edwards Telereal has grown the company to its current portfolio, which now stands at properties totaling 86 million square feet. Over the years, the company acquired property portfolios from British Telecom, the BBC, and others. Telereal Trillium Ltd. is also an investment company and a developer. It is considered to be amongst the largest property firms in the United Kingdom.

Graham Edwards Telereal strategically acquired these large portfolios of additional properties by partnering his company with other businesses. From its early days, Telereal Trillium Ltd. entered into a series of joint ventures and partnerships, under the leadership of its founder, Graham Edwards Telereal.

The joint ventures and partnerships undertaken by the company, added to its phenomenal growth. The deal made in 2001 with British Telecom Holdings was a crucial strategic step for the young company. It proved to be a very successful undertaking, and since then it has been the first of many for the company. Graham Edwards Telereal is recognized for leading his company to the high level of growth it continues to realize. The two companies entered into a 30 year partnership.

Graham Edwards Telereal is an experienced investor. He attended Cambridge University, at which his field of study was economics. He served for many years as the Chief Investment Officer for Talisman Global Asset Management. This was a position he held prior to starting his own company.


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