Growing concern for essentials prompts creative actions from family

In a telling short piece about a visit to the country of her birth, Sarai Suarez’s article discusses the measures that she and her husband underwent to ensure her families quality of life wasn’t destroyed for lack of ‘proper’ nescesities. They packed up 4 large suitcases full of everything from medicines to small electronics and cosmetics and when they went home left everything for family and friends to use.

The country as reported by, due to earth shattering economic difficulties and rapidly increasing inflation has been coping with a world where common everyday item are now almost 700 times more expensive and everyday items are just not available to the general public.
Suarez thinks back to watching armed soldiers patrolling the aisles of the store and shadowing the purchases of things like sugar and eggs as if they were a king riches.She ends the article on a lighter note her family remains in the country in hopes that things will get better, conditions may improve in time and the strong people of Venezuela will survive.