How Jon Urbana Wears Many Hats and Still Succeeds

Some people have very few talents and work only one position. Then there are those who take on a ton of different activities that are profitable. They even excel at them. Jon Urbana is one of those who take on many tasks. He is what one would consider multi-talented. He takes the time to learn many different trades.

One of Jon Urbana’s many talents is lacrosse. He is very talented at that sport. One of the reasons he is very talented is that he practices it a lot. As a result, he’s said in an interview on Facebook that a lot of the moves that make up the game come naturally to him. Jon Urbana is one of those that have gotten so good at lacrosse that he runs his own program based on it.

Another thing that Jon Urbana takes part in is music. He is a music producer who has a few remixes. One of his favorite things to do is to take some of his favorite tracks and remix them into something. While he does come up with his own mixes, he does enjoy the original tracks. His remixes are available on his MTV page.

Another activity that he enjoys is flying. While many others are afraid of flying, he is the one who takes the bull by the horns with this activity. He has earned his certificate as a pilot and could work in an airline. The FAA recognizes Jon Urbana as a pilot. He has been included in the prestigious FAA Airmen Certification Database. He has taken the time to get educated on the procedures and everything that goes into being a pilot, and you can see him flying here.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

One can’t ignore his charity work. He has done a lot of charity work and other philanthropic activities in order to help people, particularly cats that are troubled. With cats that have no place to live, he works with them in order to help them turn them around into more positive and productive directions.

Jon Urbana is one of the best examples of people who live positive lives. He offers support and the encouragement necessary in order to help others build a more positive life for themselves.