Jed McCaleb– The Albert Einstein of The 21st Century?

Jed McCaleb is just the genius this world needs in 2018. Co-founder of and leader of technical development, McCaleb states that his mission is to combine artificial intelligence with digital financial literacy to make a positive impact. McCaleb also believes in consciously balancing technology to reduce human inefficiency and improve human condition. Among being co-founder of the famous, McCaleb has participated in and created many projects prior, like: eDonkey, Ripple, and is an advisor to MIRI–which researches artificial intelligence for positive impact.

McCaleb stated one of the trends that excites him most is artificial intelligence, while at the same time can be terrifying. He explains it’s the greatest degree of technological advancement since the agricultural revolution. This is why McCaleb donates to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, a non-profit organization that develops new formal tools to ensure the safe operation of AI software in the future.

McCaleb states the idea for came from his evolving interest in Bitcoin (form of cryptocurrency). After seeing what Bitcoin was (a distributing database) McCaleb knew that kind of technology could change the world. Speaking on his success and organization, McCaleb speaks of how he organizes his work in his day. He explains that he has two modes of work: focused and reactive. When in his focus mode, McCaleb codes and builds. When in his reactive mode, McCaleb responds to requests, emails and other things that are involved with running a business.

When asked about his productivity as an entrepreneur, McCaleb explained he spends a lot of time thinking of the best strategy and plan. He continued by stating he doesn’t believe that “productivity” is a form of success if you are building toward the wrong goal. When McCaleb is building something, he says, he tends to focus on necessities of the project and to not go beyond what is essential to get it done.

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