Jeff Aronin Works with His Company Paragon Biosciences to Create New Treatments and Drugs for Rare Diseases

Paragon Biosciences helps to build innovative healthcare companies that offer valuable medicines to the world. The company has 13 FDA drug approvals over the last 10 years and has a portfolio of companies that are managed by leaders in the biotech and healthcare industry. The hard work that Paragon has done has led to the success of many biotech companies who have required the kind of guidance that only Paragon can offer and is headed by Jeff Aronin. Specifically, the company connects companies with dedicated experts, entrepreneurs, and clinical experts who can provide them with the information and experience needed to find real success.

Paragon Biosciences looks to find the kinds of diseases that don’t yet have viable treatments, and it then works to find these treatments and get them to the patients who need them. Most of the companies that Paragon has built focus on treating a very specific disease, and the company works with physicians, patients, and others involved to better understand the disease as pointed by Aronin. At the core of the company is the idea that the most help can be given by focusing on unmet medical needs and applying a process of identifying, building, and then developing the solution to said medical need.

Jeff Aronin is the chief executive officer and chairman of Paragon Biosciences and has been in that position since 2010. He has also served many of the companies in Paragon’s portfolio as their chairman, and a couple of these include Harmony Biosciences and Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals. Before serving with Paragon, Aronin served as CEO and president of Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. for nine years. Eventually, the company was acquired by Lundbeck, Inc., and he continued to sit as the CEO and president of the company for a time.

Jeff Aronin brings with him over two decades of experience in the biotech and healthcare industry, and, specifically, with rare diseases, complex issues in science, and the development of drugs. It is his passion for building teams that include business leaders, scientists, and executives that have made him the go-to-guy in the industry ( The teams he has built have had a knack for creating drugs and treatments that help patients who have diseases that are often forgotten.


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