Kami Idris is on a Mission to Secure and Protect Intellectual Property Worldwide

As the former director general for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Kami Idris has seen the dramatic shifts in obtaining intellectual property rights. This rapid change is partly due to the changing and developing influence of the Internet. The Internet has made it easier to promote and exploit intellectual property worldwide. Opportunities for developed countries like the United States and the UK have increased due to better communication through multichannel connections. It has also made it very easy to steal information.

Less developed countries with limited technological access are affected the most by the transformation. These countries are vulnerable to theft of their intellectual property due to their lack of access and security protocols. Kami Idris understands that this lack of access could potentially hurt these countries economically, physically and socially.

Kami Idris’ background is in international law so he understands the impact these laws and regulations can have. His experiences with both international law and foreign affairs give him a unique perspective on the current world economic situation. He believes that globalization is having an adverse effect on less developed countries. The reason is that less developed countries just don’t have the resources that more developed countries have. Idris believes that without these resources available intellectual property can be sold to the highest bidder.

At the present time, the patent process favors developed countries that have the necessary resources to move through the process quickly and efficiently. Idris’ mission to secure and protect intellectual property coincides with WIPO’s mission to help companies and individual gain patents to their intellectual property. Idris hopes to encourage companies and individuals in less developed countries to obtain patents for their intellectual property without sacrificing traditional knowledge. He understands the fear that many have that once they patent their ideas that the local skills will be lost. It is important that the local entrepreneurs and their community should reap the rewards for their intellectual property.

The greatest pitfall in globalization is stolen intellectual property. Idris hopes to educate potential patent holders to safely secure their intellectual property. He also hopes to address the communication issues.

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