Mark Ahn’s Leadership Trends of 2015

Mark Ahn, PhD, has experience in fields of leadership such as the military, academia, and business. He has shared his thoughts on PR Newswire of what will be the up and coming trends of leadership to look for in 2015.

Lead by example. Show those around you how to be a leader. Set an example for your followers on how to perform. Perform tasks that you would ask others to perform for you. Do not ask others to do something that you yourself would not do.

Lead with integrity. Integrity means that an individual has strong morals and ethics and will not bend them. Show those around you the value of your integrity by not compromising your ethics and morals. A lack of integrity in your firm will lead to a lessening of values.

Learn from those who came before you. Good or bad, you can always learn from history. Research good leaders and learn their habits. Business fads come and go while good leadership remains timeless.

Exercise good judgment. By showing your followers that your judgment is sound they will trust your instincts more. Good judgment is fluid, it can grow and change depending on the situation you find yourself in. Just remember that good judgment is not just intelligence but also includes acting with courage and strong character.

Remain humble. Those around you will react more favorably to someone who is humble rather than arrogant. Leaders need to listen to those around you and pick up on what they are saying. Do not walk around like you have all the answers. Leading successfully is done by listening and adapting.

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