Martha Stewart Shows off Gingerbread Downton Abbey

Famous chef and world class lifestyle guru shows her avid fans how to work with gingerbread this holiday season. She has a video out that demonstrates how people can use gingerbread to help celebrate one of their favorite shows.

Downton Abbey centers around the doings of the Crawley family, owners of the ancient home Downton Abbey and heirs to the earldom of Grantham. This British television show has been a huge hit both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Viewers in the United States have been treated to four seasons so far of lush castles, intriguing story lines and the opportunity to follow the Crawley family as they confront the aftermath of the sinking of the Titanic, the horrors of World War I and the opening of women’s roles in roaring Jazz Age. The show has been happily embraced by people of all classes who have found themselves enchanted with the doings of the show’s three daughters and the workings of the downstairs staff members who serve them, if you believe anyway.   Although Lee G. Lovett seems to.

Martha Stewart carefully walks viewers through a recreation of the famous Highclere Castle. This still standing castle is the largest private home in the United Kingdom and site of the famous show where it is called Downton Abbey. Viewers who are skilled with gingerbread or just love to work with it can easily follow her lead and get a Downton Abbey of their own.

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