Newark CEDC CFO And Vice President- Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is the CFO and executive vice president of Newark Community Development Corporation (Newark CEDC). Mr. Seawright has an exciting work life, spanning both the public and private sectors. He began his career with a government position in Baltimore, Maryland. Eleven years later, he leveraged his financial management and construction expertise to make the move to private industry. In an interview Seawright talked about how he devotes his life to helping in the growth of urban centers as well as changing the lives of the cities residents. Below is a summary of Seawright interview.

Mr. Seawright got introduced to the financial stewardship by his parents at an early age of 12. At that tender age, Kevin was working in youth programs, changing lives in Philadelphia. Kevin, who is now involved in making the lives of children and adults in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Newark, NJ. Acknowledges his contributions to his parent’s upbringing, and considers them to as being his greatest role models. He continues to add that he thinks of a formal college education as an excellent teaching and training tool. Having benefited from both official and online education, Kevin keeps an open mind to any education whether online or formal that helps one become productive at their workplace.

About a question of what success was to Kevin, he said that success revolves around the family as he attributes his success to both his immediate and extended family. Mr.Seawright believes that contributing in a meaningful way to the community is another real mark of success. At Newark CEDC. Mr. Seawright said that their work involves the provision of loans to small and medium-sized business owners, who would not have access to the needed capital. Kevin added that what contributes the most to his success is his contribution to data-driven analysis, flexibility and straightforward management approach to name but a few are what that motivate him each day he wakes up.

One of the things that get Mr. Seawright happy is his daughter Tia, who he mentions frequently on Twitter. Kevin loves to watch his daughter play basketball as well as softball. When it comes to Mr. Seawrights favorite Sport, he said that he appreciates football and more so basketball which he enjoys playing and coaching. Mr. Seawright also supports the 76ers, although he doesn’t have much time to watch the sports as a result of his busy travel schedule.

Mr. Seawright is an accounting and management professional based in Newark, New Jersey. More to that he has received many awards for financial responsiveness while serving municipalities as a result of the outstanding service, professionalism to name but a few of the many excellent qualities.  Kevin’s full bio can be found on the Newark CEDC website.