Nine-Year-Old Girl Asked Pres. Obama an Important Question

Sofia, a nine-year-old girl from Massachusetts wrote to President Obama last year because she had an important question for him. She wanted to know why no women were featured on US currency. That is a really good question. At the time she wrote the letter, Sofia was finishing the third grade where her class was studying women’s rights and Ann Hutchinson who rallied for women’s rights. In order to find out why she saw only boys on dollar bills, she asked the man-in-charge.

Sofia said that while she enjoyed studying about Ann Hutchinson, she would chose Rosa Parks to adorn the $20 bill reported Brad Reifler. A campaign has since gone viral in order to promote Sofia’s great idea. There is a poll online to vote and have your opinion heard. Sofia is the campaign’s junior ambassador.

Last month Sofia finally heard back from President Obama. According to the story on, which also has his response posted on their site. The President told Sofia that he felt that she had a very good suggestion and that he would keep working harder to allow women to keep the same rights as men. He also encouraged her to do well in school and stop at nothing to reach her dreams. Sofia has also been issued an invitation to attend this year’s White House Easter Egg Roll in Washington DC.

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