Securus Technologies Unveils New Drone Detection Tech

The law enforcement and prison industry is an incredibly important industry that provides a very valuable service to all people in this country. While this industry has always had a lot of challenges, the industry is seeing even more issues arise in recent years due to the increased prevalence of technology. One type of technology that is causing even more issues than most would expect is drone technology.


Through the use of drone technology, inmates at prisons are able to have a variety of small items are dropped into an open courtyard at the prison. Some of the items that can be snuck in in this method include weapons, illegal drugs, and a variety of other items that can make the prisons far more dangerous and difficult to contrl. Fortunately, one company is developing a new technology that can help to combat this problem.


Securus Technologies, which is based out of Dallas, Texas, is developing a new drone detection system that can provide amazing services to correctional facilities across the world. Through the use of this new technology, a prison official will be able to identify Whenever there is a drone within a certain distance of a prison. The prison officials will then be able to track this drone to determine its path and intercept it before it is able to drop a package at the prison.


While this technology will provide amazing services to correctional facilities across the country, it is just the latest piece of technology provided by Securus Technologies. This company has been in business for over 10 years and has continued to provide very Innovative products and services that provide a number of different solutions to serious problems in the law enforcement industry. This has helped to make prisons safer and more efficient places to work and live.


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