Shafik Sachedina And Volunteering

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a highly regarded medical professional who has been living in the United Kingdom in Europe for many decades. He is extremely comfortable with his life and career in London, England. Although he’s a content United Kingdom resident now, Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania is where he was born in the fifties. Dar-es-Salaam is a big metropolis that’s situated in the eastern region of Tanzania. This is a nation that’s part of eastern Africa.

Dr. Sachedina has always been an assiduous person. He got straight to work after relocating to the United Kingdom long ago. He operates so quickly that he even managed to land dental surgery qualifications in the seventies. He worked on his qualifications at the University of London. This professional is 100 percent committed to the world of dental surgery. He’s been in practice in the United Kingdom for almost three full decades. He started practicing at the beginning of the nineties and hasn’t ever looked back since then.

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This man’s love of voluntary service honestly knows no bounds. He is constantly doing things to aid a group that’s called the Institute of Ismaili Studies. This is a prominent London institute that tries to encourage research that involves the Muslim universe. The Aga Khan set up the Institute of Ismaili Studies back in 1977. The group functions with the guidance of an illustrious Board of Governors. The Chairman of the board is the Aga Khan. Other noteworthy members who are part of the Board of Governors are Sachedina, Zauhar Meghji, Naguib Kheraj, Mohammed Keshavjee, Aziz Esmail and Afzal Ahmed. Kheraj is a banker who hails from the United Kingdom. He was born in the summer of 1964 and attended both Dulwich College and the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Sachedina has a penchant for work as a dental surgeon. He cares about all aspects that involve oral health in human beings. He has a deep understanding of all kinds of serious oral diseases that regularly impact peoples’ lives and comfort levels as well. Sachedina has dental surgery knowledge that’s expansive and detailed. He thinks about all aspects that involve dentistry all of the time. Dr. Sachedina is a key player on the team for Sussex Health Care in Sussex, United Kingdom. This is an established company that has care residences that tend to aging people in the nation. It tends to many people with learning issues, too.

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