Slyce Looking to Show Off Visual Search Features

Slyce has been one of the most prominent companies in the creation of visual search. In order to best show it off though, it is necessary for the company to partner up with large online services that have a very wide database of products. That is exactly why Slyce has recently signed on with in order to help individuals find products with the help of visual search. But when is this feature going to come more to the average customers and what all is it able to do? That is going to be hitting the forefront in just a matter of days.

As first reported by Yahoo Finance, Slyce is going to show off its brand new mobile service along with This way, customers can see exactly how it works, what they need to do to make sure it works and how it can help them find the right product they are looking for. It is a very helpful search service, but it ultimately comes down to understanding how to use and what all it is able to do for a customer.

With the visual search service, users are able to take a picture of a product they like with their phone. This might be a hat, t-shirt or most other pieces of clothing right now (it is starting out with clothing and then is going to expand outward from there). When the picture is taken and uploaded to the system, Slyce is able to compare it to all of the products saved on the database. There are currently hundreds of thousands of items saved on the service and that is growing daily. Some large companies with their products listed on the website include JCPenny, Home Depot, Tilly’s and Neiman Marcus. The mobile search feature is then able to scan over the product and, if there is a match, bring up the matching product or, even if there is not, bring up similar items. This way, customers are able to find something they like with the Slyce search service. Plus, this is just the beginning of the visual search offering.