Stephen Murray Expands CCMP Capital Both Locally And Globally

Prominent businessman, Stephen P. Murray, remains an integral figure

in the private sector and is most acknowledged for his exemplary

managerial skills. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital,

this renowned leader has amassed great success by employing strategic

finance techniques. As the previous President and CEO of this

prestigious and well-known company, Murray excelled in raising investment funding

while simultaneously overseeing buyout and growth equity transactions.

Most importantly, his astute business expertise has greatly influenced

CCMP Capital’s success and his distinguished recognition as America’s

most knowledgeable corporate executives.

In the mid to late eighties, Murray pursued his educational dream at Boston

College and Columbia University. Therefore, in his effort to drive his

company, he consistently utilized his impressive degrees in economics

and business administration. Notably, for over twenty years, he and

his expert team have served a variety of elite corporations

specializing in health care, technology, industrial, and energy.

Moreover, his distinguished background in business along with his extensive

portfolio of leadership experiences enables him to identify with

almost every situation he encounters. Remarkably, he prides himself

and his highly qualified group of employees on providing extremely

individualized operational efficiency to lucrative private sectors in both the

United States and Europe.

Murray’s former and exemplary leadership positions have significantly contributed to

CCMP Capital’s extraordinary success. Soon after graduation, he

accepted a job as a credit trainer at Manufacturer’s Hanover Trust

Company where he was actively involved in the analyst training

program. During three mergers, Murray gradually advanced his career,

and in 2007 he was announced Chief Operating Officer of CCMP, which is

an acronym for the firm’s former organizations: Chemical Ventures,

Chase Capital, Manufacture’s Hanover Capital, and JP Morgan Partners.

Essentially, Murray’s primary responsibility is to generate investment

returns from extremely profitable companies such as Warner Chilcott

Plc. And Quizno’s Corporation. Therefore, CCMP usually strives to

invest around $100 million to $500 million of equity for each

transaction. Last year, the company proudly raised $3.6 billion for

investment funding.

Many of Murray’s expert and experienced colleagues describe him as an intelligent and

extremely effective investor who has excelled in the private equity

sector. His sincere drive to facilitate meaningful collaborations has

ultimately resulted in a trusted growth-equity investment corporation.

Since 2006, CCMP has functioned as an independent company who continue

to operate JP Morgan Partners’ elite private portfolio.