Waiakea Water That Quenches Thirst and Heals The Body

Waiakea is an Hawaiian name meaning ‘broad waters,’ and clean healthy water is what you get when you drink this Hawaii volcanic water. The Waiakea Incorporated company was named Inc Magazine’s fastest growing company. Waiakea, Inc. is owned by Ryan Emmons, its Chief Executive Officer.

When Ryan grew up in Hawaii, he found out that his parent owned the Kea’au Aquifer found at the bottom the Mauna Loa volcano. Ryan Emmons knew how pure the water’s content were. The Hawaiian reputation for the volcanic water properties consisted of quality minerals which gives the water its smooth good taste.

The water gives you energy due to is hydrating electrolytes, it does not have any harmful free radicals and it helps to regulate the body’s pH balance system. Ryan built the Waiakea Company around the principles of clean water, eco-friendly conservation measures, sustainability, and better health.

The Waiakea water began its healthy origin flowing down the Mauna Loa volcano as it was naturally filtered and purified. The volcano is high enough that it snows in this part of Hawaii. Therefore, when it rains, the snow caps begin to melt and falls into the volcano over porous volcanic rocks where it collects at the base of the volcano. Due to this natural filtering process, this volcanic water benefits involve a mineral composition of silica, sodium, calcium, and potassium.

It is amazing that the Waiakea water pH minerals naturally work together within the human body to keep its healthy. For example, potassium and sodium work together to keep the body’s electrolyte system health in support of many organs like the heart, kidney, brain, and muscles.

The silica mineral works with calcium to detox and build our arteries and tissues. Another benefit in using Waiakea bottled water is the fact that the bottles are environmentally friendly because they degrade faster than other traditional water bottles.

Ryan Emmons and his Waiakea bottled water company was honored by the Social Venture Network and the Beverage World Magazine.