Dr. David Samadi began his life as a Persian Jew in Iran. He later forcefully left for Belgium with his brother when he was 15 years old after the Revolution in Iran, in 1979. The separation from their family had them start a new life of their own, without their small sister Heidi and their parents. They stayed strong for each other and worked very hard to accomplish their greatest dream of seeing their parents proud. Dr. David Samadi continued to study toward his desire to become a doctor. They later relocated to the US where their life became better with peaceful surroundings. He was very successful in the US where he acquired a full scholarship to study for a Biochemistry Degree at Medicine School of Stony Brook.

Dr. David Samadi is Urology’s Chairman and Urology’s Robotic Surgery Chief at Lenox Hill Hospital from 6th June 2013. Prior to this, he was Minimally Invasive Surgery’s Chief and Robotics Division Chief in the Urology Department at Mount Sinai Hospital where he joined after his first practice at the Presbyterian Hospital of Columbia. He is a nationally leading celebrity urologic oncologist with a specialty in prostate cancer minimally invasive surgery and robotics. He is board certified as a urologist with a specialization in diagnosis, surgery, and treatment of diseases that are urologic, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, and prostate cancer. He has so far performed more than 7000 surgeries of the robotic prostate. He was ranked the topmost paid doctor in NY City in 2012, getting $7.6 million.

Dr. David Samadi lectures internationally and has many publications under him including Robotic Surgery Journal, Urology World Journal, and Urologic Oncology articles. He has been featured in big media names such as Cable News, Forbes’s Magazine and the news channel Connecticut’s cable. Medical journals also publish his articles for the public knowledge.

He is the call host of Sunday House on the channel, Fox News. He has successfully worked with this channel for over five years. He also has a program on radio on am970, covering news on the World’s Health and a website that he writes on health news. On 27th August 2013, he appeared a Fox & Friends segment during a morning show to discuss on the issue of women paying more than men for their health insurance. He argued that in comparison to men, women used the system of health care more than men did. These comments bore an online criticism that was.

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