Take A Moment

What You Can Learn
When we begin to get ready to learn one of the main lessons of life is that with hard work you can give yourself the life you deserve.With that fact coming into play lets learn about one man that took this lesson to heart with more then 30 years in the harsh world of business but still is working around the clock to get the job done that he has set himself out to do.So with that said lets begin to go over the fine details of this fine man who proved that with a strong work effort you can get the goal of our dream met.

Starting Out
The man I am talking about is no other then James Dondero.From of his early years of life James knew that nothing happen without work that was of the finest quality or overnight.Seeing that he would have to spend time making sure that he could rise to any challenge James began spending his time in the books to make the needs met without question.So what were some of he steps James took besides expanding his knowledge?Well for he more serious task James would enter the university of Virgina with the highest honors to show for his work.After showing his worth with his teachers James would later make the steps to make his bones by entering the service of American express.The only downside of this choice was timing due to the fact that America was going to lose some very high amounts of cash later in the year but for James this would be an experience he would never forget.

Post Scare
After seeing the cons of the business world up front an close James would take this lesson as a stepping stone to make the move so when this happens again he would be ready to fight it head on just has it did to him and his company.Seeing this as his chance to make it to the top James soon began to lay he foundation of what would later be known as Highland Capital Management.After spending several more years conducting prep work for this new company James would later succeed with the new title form James to James Dondero, the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management.

Now To Stay
With the dream turn into reality James would begin to grow this soon to be powerhouse from small with the right team to big with the means to rule the world.So when James is not feeding the machine he has created what does he do with his spare time if he has any.Well my friends he spends his spare time by taking care of the community he loves by funding massive projects and taking care of war vets so they are giving the respect that they have earned themselves just like James did when America could not even balance their own check book.As of now he lives in Houston Texas with what family he has.