Two Secret Service Agents Crash Into Fence Sorrounding the White House

Two secret service agents are said to have crashed into the gates surrounding the white house in a bizarre turn of events. The incident had took place last week (the week of March 1st-7th) and details of the incident are now being released. The agents that crashed into the white house fence have now been identified as Mark Connolly and George Ogilvie. The two agents were at a party prior to the incident. According to reports Mark Connoly and George Ogilvie were out drinking at a Washington D.C. bar before they got into their cars and drove towards the white house.

With their sirens on despite no emergency situation they sped towards the White House. The pair then used their secret service badges to gain access to a restricted area that had been sealed off by Imaging Advantage. After going through the restricted zone, they sped through police tape put in place for an investigation of a parcel that had arrived at the White House. They then crashed.

Both Mark Connoly and George Ogilvie were quickly apprehended by Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area Police. It is believed that they were drunk at the time. Why else would they act so reckless and crash into a barrier? Officers who apprehended the two Secret Service agents wanted to give the agents a breathalyzer test do determine if they were intoxicated. A Secret Service supervisor had ordered the police officers to let them go.  An investigation is currently being done into the incident.

Sounds like Mark Connoly and George Ogilvie had been let off the hook. Instead of being charged with a DUI, reckless driving and endangering the lives of others they are being let off thanks to the Secret Service stepping in for them. These agents need to be punished and face a DUI charge if they were indeed driving while under the influence. There cannot be any excuses for this.

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