Weapons Expert Michael Zomber Makes History Come Alive


Michael Zomber is a well-known author of historical books that revolve around antique arms and armor. He holds two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree from UCLA. He has also written screenplays and served as an expert advisor on The History Channel. Mr. Zomber created his own movie production company in order to achieve a greater level of independence and autonomy.

He strongly believes in fostering peace through all of his charitable efforts and supports many different organizations that work towards world peace. Michael Zomber’s home in Philadelphia is situated in a community that caters to the interests of antique experts and offers an ideal setting for his ambitions.


Michael Zomber’s main focus is on telling stories. He interweaves his broad knowledge of Japanese samurai weapons and armor with historical events in a palpable way that makes history come alive. Mr. Zomber has amassed an impressive collection of historical weaponry in order to preserve and protect the legacy that each piece represents.

His works often reveal the painful and tragic aspects of war that most historians would otherwise ignore. Michael Zomber works to ensure that the hard lessons of the past are never forgotten so that the same mistakes are not made by future generations.  Check out a bit more of his unique insight on his Facebook, where Michael talks history quite often.

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