What’s Happening with Fashion Police?

Controversy has been plentiful for the hit TV show ‘Fashion Police.’ Things started going south for the show after host Guiliana Ranic made comments about Zadanya’s hair which could very well be misconstrued. Later Kelly Osbourne left the show. Last week Kathy Griffin also parted ways, stating that she was simply not a good fit with the show.

The Show will go On

Through all of the turmoil the show was facing, producers promised viewers the show would go on stated Marcio Alaor BMG. Originally the next episode was to air on March 30 with the two hosts who still remain on the show. Now producers of the show say that there will be a break for the show for a period of six months. That is a long time for fans to wait.

Will Expectations be let down?

Producers of the show have high expectations for it. They believe in the show and know the potential that it has. But it seems that things are all going down the wrong path, and whether or not the show can survive is anyone’s guess. For now we will all have six long months to ponder the thought.

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