Wikipedia Editing Tips

Perhaps, you are one of the many writers thinking about editing articles on Wikipedia. Many wikipedia writers for hire on getyourwiki and non professionals like to edit articles on the site. Certainly, a lot of sites are specialized. They include information on one specific topic and recruit writers with expertise on that subject. However, Wikipedia is different. The site includes information on a wide variety of topics. Therefore, it is a great platform for writers with expertise on a multitude of subjects. First, it is important to learn a little bit more about Wikipedia and their editing policy.

Exactly what is Wikipedia? Well lets look at the name Wiki. A wiki is a writing platform that allows other writers to edit the pages on the site. The edits might include the majority of the article or just one very tiny section. Wikipedia is also very similar to an encyclopedia. An encyclopedia is a book that includes a wide range of information on a variety of topics, similar to Wikipedia. Wikipedia relies on writers to keep the site up to date on topics.

Keep it Formal
Writers often wonder about the tone of the articles written for Wikipedia. Should they write informally, like a blog post. Should they write formally, like a traditional encyclopedia. Wikipedia suggests that all writers keep the writing neutral and straight forward. In addition, the writer should include verifiable references or sources.

Editing on the site is straight forward and an easy process to learn. The writers are presented with two methods to compose their work. They are allowed to either choose the classic editor or the new VisualEditor. Generally, the new writers prefer the VisualEditor because they find it much easier to use.

Getting Started
There is a lot of very good information on editing those first articles on Wikipedia on the site. The best way to really get started, is to review all the information. Learn about major edits. Read the information about minor edits before getting started. Learn about the right way to add references and the citation system that is preferred on the site. Did you know that Wikipedia allows the writer to add pictures? Wikimedia Commons is an excellent online resource for pictures. Make sure that you study the guide on adding images to Wikipedia before getting started too.

Article Wizard
Wikipedia includes an article wizard that will help writers compose very professional quality articles. However, only registered users are allowed to use the article wizard.