World-Class Customer Experience Steers White Shark Media To Success

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Miami, the United States, White Shark Media is a premier digital marketing agency that specializes in helping small businesses to succeed through trailblazing search engine marketing strategies. The company achieves its goal through delivery of online marketing solutions, which are tailored to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.
Despite being masters at their game, the company is not without its share of complaints from somewhat dissatisfied clients. For this article, the purpose is to explore some of the common customer complaints and how White Shark Media handled them.
Lack of Proper Communication
This is the most complaint from White Shark Media clients. Most clients complained of finding it difficult to get through to their contact person, while others said that the company was taking too long to respond to their queries.
White Shark Media took note of the complaints and responded by:

  • Setting up phone systems with direct extensions to allow clients to reach their contact persons directly without having to pass through the receptionist.
  • Implementing Scheduled Monthly Status Calls with GoTomeeting, which is an online conferencing platform where the agency and the client chat in a bid to solve the problem at hand.

The Service Provided Does Not Work as Expected
This complaint was more inclined to Search Engine Marketing, which is the company’s main product, and clients felt it was not as effective as expected. In the spirit of ensuring success for each of their clients, White Shark Media acted on the complaint by:

  • Making sure the client’s existing campaigns are actively in use in a bid to produce a more efficient search engine marketing campaign.
  • Having experienced supervisors provide feedback, in addition to overseeing all campaign management.

Contact Person Not Familiar With Client’s Needs
Some new clients were not happy with the contact person assigned to them as they could not relate to their specific needs, and hence could not help them accordingly.
To ensure a smooth transition, White Shark Media had their Senior SEM Consultants follow each client through the entire process; from first sign-up to the optimization process. The consultants may not be the main form of contact, but they are always available to answer any question from a client.
Founded on the idea of providing a world-class experience, White SharK Media prides itself with being among the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in the United States. This is attributed to their delivery of highly reliable services and exceptional customer experience with prompt responsiveness to customers’ concerns and queries.

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